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V.Williamson, April 2014- Priteva Healthy Hair Challenge update

April 4, 2014

V.Williamson, Atlanta, GA

Priteva Vitamin Challenge    Summer 2013 

( Before )Summer 2013           (After) October 2013

Mambo Update September 26, 2013

December 2012                             August 2013

Anonymous Customer 06/12/13

My nails have grown so much !

They feel hard like acrylic nails,but they are my natural nails. I have been taking 2 Priteva capsules in the morning for 3 weeks. Priteva has strengthened and made my nails  stronger and healthier. I had to send in pictures.

Nana update 04/09/2013

I have taken Priteva for almost 1 year now and I am very happy with the results. My hair has retained length and is a lot healthier and thicker. Priteva is now a staple for me.


Mambo A, Miami, FL  10/12/2012

I began taking Priteva hair vitamins in  January and it has made my hair so much  better. Friends and family have commented that my hair is stronger, thicker and longer. Before starting Priteva my hair was weak from lack of care, highlights and coloring .  My natural hair looks tough, but its very dry, fragile and prone to breakage.

My hair has never grown past my ear lobe and it was very fragile.  I have been growing the color out and trying to get it healthier.
Since I began taking Priteva hair vitamins and using my Taliah Waajid body mistifier, my hair has done a complete 180. Here are the results from my  recent Dominican blowout.  My sister could not believe how much healthier my hair has become. With Priteva my hair is growing faster, stronger and healthier!
I plan to keep my hair in natural hair styles, use my Taliah Waajid, and Priteva until my hair reaches bra strap length.

January 2012                                                  June 2012

shorthairmambo-priteva-right-june 2012mambo priteva-month 1-left

July 29, 2012                                                October 12, 2012                               December 2012



Stacy A, Bowie, MD 06/12/2012

I have natural 4 A/B hair and it has always been healthy and thick. I follow low manipulation and I keep my hair in protective styles. Priteva ultra charge hair formula has helped my hair stay strong and breakage free. I am using Priteva to obtain more length and stronger hair. So far so good. I'm going to keep it up for another six months and see where it takes me.

Adwoa O, Nashville TN  07/22/2012

I have natural hair, and Priteva is helping me to grow my hair longer. I noticed when I began taking Priteva that my nails grew like weeds and became so much harder and stronger.  I have been taking Priteva for 1 month now and plan to continue for 1 year to maximize my hair growth potential and see how longer my hair will grow with Priteva.



A.N. Annapolis, MD  08/20/2012

I have been taking Priteva Hair Vitamins for 4 months now. ( sorry no before picture, but I will  send another update in a few months) I recently braided my natural hair and I am so excited at the progress that my hair has made since taking Priteva. I will be taking Priteva hair vitamins  indefinitely, as I am very excited to see how long my hair can get. Here is a picture of my natural hair braided. No relaxer and no extensions. Just healthy blow dried natural hair thanks to Priteva. My regimen is very simple, protective styles, low manipulation, deep condition + Priteva for longer and healthy hair :)


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I will be taking Priteva hair vitamins  indefinitely, as I am very excited to see how long my hair can get.


With Priteva my hair is growing faster, stronger and healthier!

-Mambo A.

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